Good Data Matters to Publishers Too - Lifesight Blog - Thought Leadership on Location Intelligence

The appification of our life and business as we knew them, is one of the biggest gifts of the digital economy. From our morning alarms to breakfast deliveries, taxies to news, conversations with friends and family to work mails and to-do lists, there is no aspect of our lives for which we don’t already have an app. Apps are what Unilever used to be in consumers’ lives some 50 years ago – EVERYTHING.

That is why one part of our work at LifeSight that excites us the most is that we get the opportunity to meet hundreds and thousands of app developers from across the Australian and Asian markets.  We speak to them about their successes and milestones, challenges and ambitions. In these conversations, one thing has emerged clear – that the way app developers are looking at data has taken a 360-degree turnaround, much like the relationship that marketers have with data.

For business to thrive, monetization has remained a significant immediate objective for app publishers. The ability to unlock actionable insight about users in such times will make all the difference towards this objective. This is where location intelligence will become the backbone of decision making for app publishers.

Beyond monetization, location intelligence will play crucial roles in unlocking new opportunities like sales tools, optimized campaigns, attribution at footfall and SKU level, and much more. LifeSight is designed keeping in mind these exact business needs of app publishers. It helps glean interesting and important insights about users’ lifestyles, brand affinities, life moments, and favourite hotspots. Beyond monetization, these insights help in enhancing user experience too, by ensuring relevant targeting and delivery of engaging, actionable content. This ensures a highly engaged audience instead of intrusive brand communication and eventually, annoyance on the part of users.

Such deep levels of insights and measurement has helped our app publishing partners unlock new business potential and increase earnings, no matter what their business model.

One thing is clear. Beyond marketing, location intelligence will play a crucial role in business in the years to come, no matter which industry sector and geography. Thousands of brands and app publishers have already joined us on this journey. How about you?