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We live in a time when data is driving decisions everywhere – from government to business, from marketing to design. That being said, we also all know that the power is not in the data itself but in its legitimacy and authenticity. This is why LifeSight focuses significantly on SDK and other first party data sources, collecting GPS, in-store WiFi and other forms of location data by ethical means. Through some of the industry’s most strategic business decisions and partnerships, we ensure thorough compliance and transparency – not only to our client brands but also to the consumer community on the whole.

Brands’ need to reach consumers with timely, personalized, and relevant messages underlines our business decisions and platform design. For brand marketing objectives to be met, it is crucial that we enable marketers to employ cross-platform campaigns. Nothing less works in the new marketing ecosystem. We also understand the role of marketing as a cost center, but one whose success or failure lies eventually in the purchases made and transactions completed. Therefore, footfall attribution is the basket we put a lot of our eggs in. This helps marketers glean actionable insights to measure the performance of their campaigns across different platforms, i.e. which components of the campaign actually drive the consumer to your outlet. Not only their larger marketing and brand positioning but also even the mundanity of platform selection then becomes truly data driven.

At a larger scale, LifeSight enables astute analytics and segmentation with the data we collect. This gives marketers a deeper understanding of and view into their consumers’ brand experience across marketing touchpoints. Good data enables better targeting, stronger marketing, and sound attribution. Data-driven attribution enables better optimization of channels on their own, for example OOH. However the biggest bang for the buck comes when marketers are able to view the performance of multiple channels. Their actions then are based on true insights, and that in itself is evolution!

Good data is to attribution what your device is to your charger! They work best when they work together.

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