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Understanding consumers’ offline behavior, deriving accurate geo-behavioral audience segments or developing robust offline attribution models – all these use cases rely heavily on accurate places data that forms the bedrock of a location intelligence engine.

The bad news is that this places data is far from accurate and comprehensive in Asia. This, despite the fact that accuracy is by far the most crucial aspect of location intelligence. Accuracy and comprehensiveness are the differentiators that provide the context brands need in order to understand and connect with their consumers in relevant ways. Without them, the ROI on location data may not warrant the investment.

The good news? Over at Lifesight, we are solving the comprehensiveness and accuracy problem in Asia’s location data sets. Our location technology, Placesense is the underlying technology that powers our entire platform and it is enhanced as its learns more things about a place everyday.

Accurate polygonal geofences

To ensure that we are able to accurately detect the presence of a person when they are inside an area, building or store, we have drawn custom polygonal geofences around key places of interest and retail locations in the key cities in Asia. These geofences are 2D and 3D shapes that are used to determine whether a person is detected with a place. We aim to achieve store level detail where possible and if elevation data is present, we are able to position a person in a multi-level building indoors.

Comprehensive location database

Another feature that any sound location database must have is a comprehensive and continuously updated list of places of interest. Placesense is a database of 14 million and counting places of interest around Asia. These places include but are not limited to educational institutions, commercial areas, retail outlets, automotive showrooms, malls, residential areas, airports, financial institutions and much more. Thanks to the wide coverage of Placesense database, our brand clients are able to target a much higher range of demographics than is otherwise possible, from students to homemakers, business travellers to empty nesters – the coverage is limitless!

Context, not just locations

To complete the location intelligence puzzle, a rich set of places attributes is required to be attached to the places database. This includes information like opening hours, how much dining at a place costs, products they sell, general demographics and affluence levels and more. Every place has a story to tell, and we aim to capture what its all about.

Placesense is fuelled by our world-class technology and strategic partnerships with app publishers and open location platforms in order to make it the most comprehensive and accurate location data sets in the region. Some of the region’s largest brands already use our technology to do various things. Want a demo to understand how it can help your business objectives? Holler, we’re here to help.

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